ATA Chandeliers in Unexpected Places

ATA Chandeliers in Unexpected Places

Chandeliers are beautiful pieces of modern lighting and can add a splash of sparkle or interest to your home. Sure you can go ahead and be predictable by hanging a chandelier over your dining room table, that’s fine. But, before you do that, consider these chandeliers hanging in unexpected places:


In the Kitchen

Chandeliers |ATA Lighting

Star Chandelier from ATA Lighting

ATA ELectric Kitchen Lighting


Go for the unexpected with a chandelier in the kitchen. Chandeliers these days are all sparkle and crystal, which is a huge plus if you’re looking to add one to your modern kitchen.  The Star Chandelier is minimal and modern and has a barely there appeal.


In the Bathroom

Chandeliers |Aesthetic Lighting

Starburst LED Chandelier from Blackjack Lighting

A chandelier in the bathroom? How unexpected! A chandelier in the bathroom makes for a glamorous bathing experience, just make sure it’s listed for damp locations so it doesn’t get ruined.


In the Hall

Chandeliers |Bubbles

What about lining your hallway with a row of modern chandeliers, like these Prop Lights? It’s such an elegant and modern way of incorporating some dramatic lighting into an often overlooked part of your home.


A Pair in the Living Room

Chandeliers |ATA Lighting

The Light 18 Light Chandelier from ATA Lighting.

A pair of Chandeliers from ATA Lighting makes an unexpected dynamic duo over a the seating area in the living room.


On the Porch

Chandeliers |ATA Lighting

Zen Chandelier from ATA Electric

A pair of Zen Chandeliers look right at home under this overhang on a back porch. Their bamboo construction is eco-chic and will certainly make you back patio seating area feel fresh.


In the Backyard

Chandeliers |ATA Lighting

Drylight Outdoor Chandelier from ATA Lighting

Create a romantic outdoor dining area for two with a chandelier. The Drylight Outdoor Chandelier is made to weather the outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about that classic crystal-look getting ruined.

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