Ata Group of Co. (Ata Electric) Alternating current

Ata Group of Co. (Ata Electric) Alternating current : Alternating current is an electric current voltage fluctuations within a certain time, from positive value to 0 and then to negative and back to positive values​​, the cycle continues over a certain time. so that alternating current has a frequency and amplitude, this is because the source generator is also a change of the magnetic poles in the process of formation of electrical energy. Alternating currents encountered in many electrical systems, such as the power grid in the home, in the office, on the road, and others we can find alternating current on tv, water pumps, and others.

we suppose that an alternating current having a frequency 60hertz this means in a second cycle is repeated flow of 60 times, we can measure alternating current and see the waves in the tool called an oscilloscope, this device we can calculate the wavelength, amplitude, frequency , etc

There are many calculations that rely wave alternating current. From here we can calculate the power loss, the value of the voltage, wavelength, amplitude, and therefore the subsequent discussion we will further discuss the things that are related to electricity

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