brief description on electric shock from ata electric (ata group of co.)

Electric shock is an event where someone electrocuted, while an electric current can flow in a closed circuit, it means a person is electrified and the body is regarded as a conductor of electricity, this is the simpl example: someone who has touched the wire conductor of electric current phase while the another body touching neutral or earth grounding, allowing an electric current to flow into the body of someone, and this is called an electric shock

electric shock usually occurs in alternating current electricity, because the human body is not able to withstand the electric current, whereas the human resistance will vary between one and the other, there is a strong electric shock to a certain voltage others fainting or even death in when a certain voltage electric shock. average human can withstand alternating electrical current with a voltage range from 0 to 10 volts. over voltage can lead someone to usually faint or even die.

Electric shock actually occurs in electric with direct current and is also dangerous to humans, then actually what causes electric shock dangerous for someone? turns an electric shock can be harmful to humans based on several things and factors, including the magnitude of the voltage, the amount of electric current, and frequency and duration of the time when someone is electrocuted, apart from a few things mentioned above are also influenced by the shock resistance of the human body itself. it depends on a person’s body resistance during electric shock.

electric shock causes electrified body to react depending on the type of electric shock, an electric current flowing in the body, resulting in impaired heart rate disruption of blood flow in the body and cause the muscles to spasm. the greater the current, voltage, power and frequency the longer it lasts causing death to a person who gets an electric shock.

electric shock can be anticipated and prevented with a few things. including isolating all current-carrying conductor of electricity, install ELCB (Earth leackage Circuit Breaker).it is an electrical device that functions to prevent a shock hazard to humans or the workpiece, the tool is mounted on the upper circuit, to know more about how to install this tool please visit our other articles on this blog.

we already know the overall electric shock, electric shock hazards, how to prevent electric shock, from the article above. hopefully with increasing our knowledge of electricity will increase our vigilance and use of electrical energy as well, and remember beware of electric shock. This was a brief description on electric shock from ata electric (ata group of co.)

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