ILLUMINATING IDEAS by Ata Electric (Ata Group of Co.)

Lighting fixtures wiata blogth sharp edges, clean lines, and dynamic shapes make classic rooms feel fresh and create a pleasing balance of old and new.

Find Your Inspiration In our Lighting Magazine

If you have a niche, such as you might find in a bathroom or small kitchen, make sure to include enough overall illumination to cast shadows away from the countertop. When in doubt, always illuminate the corners. Portable lamps and sconces make that easy to do. Another common type of niche is within a wall with places to display pictures or other items. In that situation, puck lights work well to fully illuminate the space.

For more lighting tips, check out Lighting, The Ata Magazine for home lighting. Published by Ata Designer & consultants. The magazine features before-and-after transformations that show how lighting can completely give your home a whole new look. Also included are many photos and design tips.

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