Switch to Ata LED Street Light

Ata Led Street light installationSince ATA LED luminaires are where the world is heading to, here are the top benefits that are changing the lighting industry for good.

Energy Efficient

ATA LED lights are known for their energy efficiency. When compared with the conventional lighting solutions, LED luminaires are close to 80-90% more efficient. Refurbishing to LED luminaires can reduce global energy consumptions which are both good for the environment and will cut down expenditure.

Safety and Security

Being the latest technological endeavour, LED luminaires are designed to provide a consistent beam of light. This ensures a hassle-free lighting output and illumination is far better than other lighting solutions. When compared to conventional lighting systems, LED street lights are flicker free and have a wider beam of the angle which makes roads well-lit and ensures the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.


A nation’s sizeable portion of lighting expenditure goes into illuminating streets. Conventional lighting solutions have a shorter shelf life, and they need to be replaced far too often. Refurbishing street lights with LED fixtures ensure that expenditure is cut on both operating and replacement costs. LED luminaires can last for over 50,000 hours which makes them an excellent option for illuminating streets. Our Ata StreetLED  is a high efficiency LED luminaire which is designed with high purity PC Fresnel diffuser for IP66 protection.

IP66 – Protection from total dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction.




Since the industrial revolution, the carbon clock has been ticking at a faster rate than what scientists had anticipated. The environment is degrading, and the need of the hour is to encourage subsistence living. In addition to being low energy consumption lighting solutions, LED luminaires are also devoid of dangerous elements. LED luminaires also generate less heat and are ideal solutions for lowering the carbon footprint. As LEDs contain no toxic chemicals, they are 100% recyclable and are safer for the environment.

Cost Effective in Long Run

LED lights have a longer life, and are less likely to require any maintenance which results in slower depreciation. They are also energy efficient, which cuts down electricity bills significantly. Several smart cities from around the world have refurbished to LED luminaires to save energy, and contribute to a better solution.

Improved Quality of Life

LED luminaires add prominence to an area since they are aesthetically pleasing. LEDs can be automated by using sensors since they have the capability of being controlled dynamically. In addition to being encompassed with such tremendous benefits, LED ameliorates the surroundings significantly.

Better Driving Experience

Ata LED Street Light 2LEDs are bright and uniformly lit which increases the visibility on the road. These luminaires give a seamless experience to the citizens by being consistent and bright, which further ensures the safety of people.


Integration with IoT – A Step Towards Smarter Cities

The adoption of LED luminaires in lighting the streets has transformed several cities around the globe. Authorities throughout the world in developed countries are utilizing the power of innovative technology by both lightings the streets and using luminaires to sense and monitor processes. The aim is to make cities – smarter.

A smart city is a sophisticated urban area that comprises an exceedingly advanced infrastructure. It integrates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with Internet of Things (IoT) to manage a city’s assets thus improving the quality of life of its residents.

LED luminaires can be installed with several sensors to monitor processes like –

Air Quality

Direct Traffic

Detect free parking slots

Provide a fundamental basis for others to build on

LEDs are smart and can be managed efficiently when integrated with Iot. With lot, it is easier to keep track of data, like the number of operation lights and power consumption of each light fixture. A facility manager can also operate luminaires and control an entire power grid remotely. Data generated by LED luminaires in the ecosystem can be used for analytics and fill the gaps between problems.


India is Changing, and this is just a Beginning

The government of India is taking significant steps to replace the conventional street lights with LED luminaires. Just recently, the Government of India initiated the ‘World’s Largest Street Light Replacement Programme.’ A massive number of 15.59 lakh street lights were refurbished to LED fixtures throughout the country. The replacement to LED street lights resulted in an incredible feat by saving 20.66 kWh of energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.71 lakh tons.

Currently, technology is building up to enable smart lighting solutions and results are positive. LED street lights are now the standard lighting choice for smart cities because of their several advantages. Street lighting is evolving, and companies that have key ideas coupled with strategic partnerships are developing viable lighting solutions to build better cities.

This is why we need to Switch to Ata LED Street Light.

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